Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ella's Birthday.

When Bruce and I started talking about what to do for Ella's 9th birthday, we knew we wanted the day to be filled with things she loves to do. We came up with a short list: hotel, swimming, animals, chocolate cake, and presents.

On Monday we took this Jost Show on the road to Kansas City! We swam, watched a movie, and got ready for the next day.
She couldn't have woken up happier.
We settled into presents early Tuesday morning and set off with Bruce's parents for a day at the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead.

Have you been there?
It's amazing!
And Monday-Thursday it's free admission with only $2 a person on the weekends.

Ella has always enjoyed the times that she has been able to ride a horse, and I had heard that this farm had ponies to ride. (We bought a $10 package of tickets that included one of each of the following: pony ride, mining rocks, feeding the goats a bottle of milk, a hayrack ride, and fishing!)

On this day, Ella didn't want to ride the ponies.
I'll admit, I was a little sad about that, but Talia stepped up and rode twice. :)
No big deal. It was Ella's day and she wanted to do everything else!

We gave the baby goats a little bottle of milk.

We fished with real worms and Talia and Bruce caught a big one. ;)
We spent time in the barn, the school house and also mined special rocks.
Which I just realized is why my purse is currently so heavy, the rocks are still in there!!!

We got to know some of the animals a bit better, then took a hayrack ride to relax.

It was a hot windy day.
Ella's birthday is always hot.
We're used to that.
Good thing our lunch stop was near by.
Red Robin french fries with campfire sauce...oh yum.
And then back to the hotel for more presents and cake.
She chose the chocolate chocolate cake from a local grocery store. Rainbow squiggly's and all.
You can see by the look on her face that she thought the day was fantastic.
Which is exactly what we wanted for her because we think she's pretty fantastic.
All nine years of her.


  1. This is one of our boys' favorite places to visit...what an awesome birthday for Ella!!

  2. What a fun day! Madison and I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Madison really liked the cake!

  3. your girls are so beautiful.
    i love this.
    i love how excited ella was. and how much of her own favorite stuff she got to do!
    what a thoughtful day you guys put together for her!

    my most fav pic is the sister one - ella is beaming and talia is so proud to be her sister - that just shines through so much in their smiles.
    it's a framer for sure.

  4. Happy Birthday Ella! It is amazing to me that she is 9! She is just beautiful and I can clearly see that she loved her birthday and all the festivities! She is so blessed to have you and Bruce as her parents! I thank God for her sweet life! Love you all!

  5. Love reading about your family! Happy Birthday to Ella!

  6. What a fun day .... I like her taste .... hotel and swimming!!! :)) Glad it was a good weekend.

  7. This looks like the perfect weekend getaway! I am looking forward to our trip to celebrate Landen's birthday!

  8. why, why, why did this post make me cry?
    it's such a happy post full of nothing but happiness!
    but then i remembered that happy things make me cry too.
    i'm a mess!
    ella is nine. whoa nelly.
    so happy y'all had a great day!
    and pretty please, frame that last pic, would ya?

  9. She is adorable! What a special celebration for a special girl!

  10. Such a precious post. Looks like Miss Ella had a wonderful 9th birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday, Ella! So glad you had a great day.

  12. Mesmerizing! Well documented, thanks!
    One question...who put the worm on the hook??????

  13. A happy birthday to your sweet girl. Looks like a wonderful day together! A huge thank you-I made the cinnamon rolls tonight as hubby and boys hovered around---they were a great hit, and most definitely a labor of love!!! Thank you again!

  14. Happy Birthday sweet Ella! That cake looks amazing! I hope you had a great time!

  15. Happy Birthday Ella! Love the last pict of her!

  16. Oh my, that picture of your two girls behind the birthday cake with their arms wrapped around each other... love it. I'm a sucker for sibling birthday cake pictures :)

  17. Hold up, Kim! You are near Kansas City!? We're living in Kansas City right now! (This is Annie, by the way... the Annie who usually lives in Germany and is friends with John and Molly). It is crazy that I keep popping in on your blog to see people/places that I know! It is a seriously small world!! Let us know if you are back in KC sometime in the next month or so (we're here until August)... I'd love to meet you!

  18. Kimberlee, you have such a beautiful family! Happy birthday to the princess. It looks like you all ad a lovely weekend. :)

  19. What a neat place! But I want you to know I saw that Strawberry pop-tart! Happy I can still watch her grow. Love, Janice

  20. I really hope that picture of the two of them is framed, canvased. SOMETHING. Because it is DARLING. And that last one. Dying! She is such a proud 9 year old. And for good reason. Happy birthday, Ella!

  21. Beautiful pictures. Looks like a perfect family day! Love the fish pic. :)

  22. Both of your girls are the sweetest and so beautiful!! That second to last picture with them both is just precious!! Happy birthday to your lovely Ella!


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