Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to Preschool.

Talia was up, dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, socks and shoes on, wearing her backpack and begging to be photographed by 7:15 this morning. Today was the first day of preschool and this girl was ready.

At 7:50, I walked into her classroom (Bruce was a minute behind us) and asked Talia if I could take a picture.
That was a mistake.
I should've never asked.
I was denied.

Well, guess what?
I will not be denied.

"All kids in the United States get their picture taken on the first day of school in their classroom. It's the rules, " I said.
And then I snapped a picture.

She then hugged me and shooed me out the door before Bruce could even make an entrance. I met him in the hallway and told him we were "dismissed".

Dismissed, dropped, burned, dumped, left out in the cold, deserted, passed over, yesterday's news...that was us today.

It could've been a lot worse.


  1. "i will not be denied."
    gheez, i love you.

  2. I love it! I can hear Talia now :) and that first picture is adorable!!

  3. That is hilarious! Oh she looks so grown up in that first picture.....too cute!

  4. All kids in the United States, that cracks me up! Good thinking mom.

  5. Look at those eyes! She is so beautiful.

  6. i cried EVERY SINGLE DAY my mom dropped me off at kindergarten.

    Dear lord, please don't let my children do that to me...
    they probably will...

    i suppose she probably would have rather been dismissed. ;)

  7. Hi Kimberlee, I'm a new follower of yours, and CW participant scheduled for November! What an adorable post! My little girl had her first day of preschool this past week too. It's her second year of preschool and I had a simmilar reaction dropping her off! Too cute!

  8. Kimberlee: I love, love, love your photos, and comments. All of them!
    Laverna B


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