Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whatever Craft Weekend {March 2012}

I can't believe Megan and I just hosted our fourth Craft Weekend!!!!!
I love to see our guests get their creative juices flowing while Frank Sinatra sings us a tune from Pandora.
The tables get fuller and fuller as the weekend goes on. 
There's SWAG under there somewhere.

Why yes, that is my idea of happiness.

I did not get time to make one of these wooden blocks...but I will make one yet. They are so cute!

I did make one of these lovely nest necklaces taught by Jess.
Classy and fun. Just like the teacher.
photo courtesy of Meg Duerksen

I also made a few meals, too.
Pioneer Woman's Penne a la Betsy! is a favorite of mine.
For this group, I substituted the shrimp for grilled chicken.
My mother-in-law gave me these darling little disposable cups and spoons.
Breakfast just got fancier thanks to her.
I do love breakfast.
Or brunch as it's called in some circles.
I'm not fancy enough to know for sure, but I think brunch is served only on Sundays.
Is that right?

I'll have a yummy recipe for you on Friday.
Just in time for whatever you call that first meal on Easter morning.


  1. I call brunch breakfast with mimosas! At least that's what we call it here on the east coast.

  2. Oh my that looks like a great time! Still looking forward to my email inviting me to Craft Weekend! :) Kimberlee, your meals look delicious!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. so I saw this pin on pinterest, "brunch is breakfast without an alarm clock"
    perfect description right? :)

    LOVING the big table for everyone to eat at, what a fun addition to craft weekend.

    and the yogurt with blueberries looks SO good.
    i need to go eat my breakfast. hahha. :)

  5. i love your pics!!!
    i think brunch is a late breakfast? like if it's after 10 but before 12?
    that would be the answer i would give if i was playing trivia.

  6. craft weekend looks so fun!!!

    and do you have any idea of where your mother in law got the spoons and dishes!? SO cute!


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