Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She Tied Her Shoes

Someone around here has learned to tie her own shoes.
One day Talia said, "Mom, look what I can do."
 And then she did.
She's really excited about it.
I think this is her "Mom, it's not that big of a deal" face.
But it is a big deal.
She is the first kid in this house to learn this life skill, even though she's the youngest.
If I'm being truthful, that fact makes me a little sad.  
So, if you'll allow me to be happy and sad at the same time, I'd like to share
 that with you because that's just where I'm at today. 


  1. Oh, Kim . . . Beautiful post. I'm happy and sad too. Praying for you right now.

  2. both bitter and yet sweet.
    dichotomy of so much in life, isn't it?

    love you, your family, and your heart.

  3. Talia, awesome job!!

    Kim. Yes. I will absolutely allow you. That is what chocolate is for ~ the awesome times and the stinky times. Sounds like you get a double dose of chocolate today!

  4. Woohoo Talia! All moms (& us Nanas too!) understand the bitter-sweetness when our little ones achieve things that only big kids do (sniff, sniff) ... happiness through tears - works perfectly! Thanks for sharing your sweet girlie's accomplishment :)

  5. first of all, way to go talia!
    that is a really hard thing to learn and i am so proud of you!
    secondly, kimberlee, i know you are feeling sad.
    i have had a rough week with ben and my nerves are SHOT.
    but...ella will learn too.
    i'm not just blowing smoke to make you feel better.
    i know this.
    i believe it.
    she WILL learn too.
    have faith in her!
    she will show you amazing things...before talia, after talia, because of talia, on her own...
    ella is ella.
    ben is ben.
    talia is talia.
    they are all awesome for so many reasons.
    add 'learning to tie her shoes' onto talia's awesome list.
    and then...eat cake and celebrate.
    i love you.
    and i will hug you very soon.
    can't wait.

  6. Happiness and sadness play tag sometimes. Love, Janice

  7. Understand your sad/happy feeling. It does remind me that our younger one taught the older one to drive a stick shift, after Alan gave up teaching her.

  8. Happy and Sad at the same time? It happens all the time..I totally understand..there should be a name for it because it happens so much. :) BTW there is nothing wrong with slip-ons or velcro shoes no matter how old one is :)

  9. Love this post. Talia is a rockstar...learning to ride a bike and tie her shoes way before most kids her age even do! Ry just learned this year to tie her shoes :). I just love both your girls and am seriously so happy we live next door. Eric and I were watching the girls all play the other day and he said, "how can we even think about moving to the country." And I said, "I know, we're not going anywhere!"


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