Monday, April 23, 2012


I came home late/early this morning after five lovely days in the South.
I'm unpacking, grocery shopping, planning meals, and obviously practicing my french braids with someone who missed me very much.
My other little Miss went off to school, and I'm off to work in a bit.
Back to real life.
Looking forward to our little family dinner tonight.
You know the one, where the kids are running around saying they hate the food and ask if they can have pb&j?
That's real life.
And I kind of missed it  them.


  1. Where did u go? Was it a friend getaway or you and bruce? Glad you had a good time -- have a good week!

  2. Christy told me she saw the girls yesterday at FMBC. She said how cute they are, how much Talia looks like you, and how doting Uncle Travis is to his girls! Thought I'd pass on the compliments, it's always good to hear them about our kids!

  3. those little steps away from real life are so good...reminds us of how good "real" is

  4. her hair!! i want. also, i would eat your dinner. and not ask for PB&J. promise.


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