Thursday, March 22, 2012

Swimsuits and Water

Wanna know what kind of day I had in only four words?
I went swimsuit shopping.
I walked away victorious...but there's still a part of me that thinks maybe I'll find something else that I like better. Does anyone else do that?

Edited----here's a picture of the top of my swimsuit.
Quite frankly, I almost didn't post the picture because I am distracted by this model's hair.
Enough said.
It's bright pink.
(I'll spare you the picture text I sent my friend Taryn from the dressing room.)
I am all too aware at this moment that I need to do a bit of toning to both my midsection and my legs.
It's strapless, and I'm living on a prayer that while I sit poolside this summer I don't give anyone an unintentional eyeful as one of my children rolls it down to my belly button.
On second thought...I think it might be going back to the store from which it came.
Okay on to serious stuff...stuff like WATER.
Today is World Water Day.
I don't drink water the way that I should...but I have the option to drink CLEAN water. 
We bathe in clean water every day.
My kids wildly play in clean water that comes out of an outdoor faucet and spills all over our driveway when the weather hits 80 degrees in the middle of March.
Many places in the rest of the world do not live like this.
My friend Megan is raising money to help those in India get clean water.
And she's doing an amazing giveaway of some of the best of the best Craft Weekend SWAG.
First, click here to give.

Next enter Megan's giveaway here.

You are a blessing.
You are.


  1. Pretty color! I just want strapless for the good tan lines. Let's be real here.

  2. Super cute! Where did you get it?

  3. don't even talk to me about bathing suit shopping!
    not happening.
    nobody needs to see them neon white legs!


  4. Love the bathing suit. Do you mind sharing where you found it? Love it!


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