Friday, March 9, 2012

Random with a Side of Coughing.

After spending three days in bed, I decided I couldn't be sick any more.
I mean, I had already spent most of those days coughing like I've never coughed before. Aching like I have never ached before. Everything hurt...including my hair.
So I cooked up a batch of warm chocolate pudding, and declared myself better.
Then, I went back to bed for two more days.

Bruce was on a business trip for part of the time. I hate it when he leaves but I really hate it when he leaves and I'm sick.
Skype saved the day. 30 minutes of Daddy listening to her "read" and the love tank, and behavior tank were changed for the rest of the day.

Dishes...they still need to be done when you are sick. Praise Him all of us for dishwashers.
Coughing...still coughing....
Chicken noodle soup, anyone?

I am on my way to feeling much better. In fact, I made it over to Meg's Craft House yesterday to sew some bunting for my girls' rooms. I'm not sure if you know this or not, but bunting is the secret to getting over the crud. Happiness...I'll show you tomorrow.

Today is silly sock day at daycare.
Purple tie dyed soccer socks with a skirt.
And cowgirl boots.

Silly sock day...the freedom to express yourself in your sock choice. Party on.
Ten on Ten tomorrow.
{Cough. Cough.}
Happy Weekend, friends.


  1. I love it when I get to be the first comment. I will continue to pray for you! What a character that girl is! Janice

  2. Feel better soon! By the way, doesn't Fiestaware look awesome even in the dishwasher! It makes me happy to have to unload the dishwasher and see all my Fiestaware!

  3. I'm not sure it counts when you have to make the chicken noodle soup yourself! But I'm glad you are better.

  4. Excited to see the buntings!

  5. that picture of tal is a riot!!

    i am feeling very guilty about eating that chicken soup now.....
    a labor of love.

  6. the Skype reading is my sweet!


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