Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chasing Pavements and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

I hooked some of you with Adele's song Chasing Pavements, and others of you were enticed by the Peanut Butter Cake. Adele + Cake = True Love.

Did you see Adele on PBS' Live from the Artist's Den? I happened to catch only  the second half of it this past weekend. So good. If I had a DVR, I would've DVR'd it, or Tivo'd or whatever is new that I'm not aware of. I still have VHS.
Jealous yet?

Watch Live From the Artists Den: Adele on PBS. See more from FESTIVAL.

Check your local listings to see when it's going to replay. Surely it will, won't it? And I'll have my VHS tape ready.

Pssst. Netflix also has Adele's DVD  Live at Royal Albert Hall ... it's in my Queue with a VERY LONG WAIT next to it's title. Boo.
Now for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake...
I have had countless emails, Facebook messages, and one offer for shelter (should I ever need it) if I shared the recipe for the peanut butter cake I serve at Craft Weekend.

The recipe that I use is from Smitten Kitchen.
It's perfect.
Don't change a thing.
I follow the recipe exactly.
I leave out the peanut brittle.
It's rich.
It's wonderful.
It takes your breathe away, and makes you beg for coffee.
I just took another peanut butter cake out of the oven for this weekend's festivities. I will frost it with the peanut butter cream cheese frosting, and then throw it in the freezer. The day that I want to serve it, I pull it out of the freezer to defrost and whip up a batch of the chocolate ganche to pour over. Then I lick the bowl clean while everyone else is crafting their brains out.

Thank you Smitten Kitchen for sharing this with the world.
Thank you for making all my chocolate peanut butter cake dreams come true.
Get her recipe here.


  1. YAY!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Im not a cake person but this just sounded like something I must make for a family gathering. I'll let you know how it turns out:)

  2. Making it this weekend! I am so excited. :)

  3. Love Adele. Love peanut butter. Love cake. Do not love giving up sugar for Lent. Love that it is nearly over. Love your guts.

  4. oh kim...burly.
    this makes me READY for this weekend. :)
    i needed to see that cake.
    i can almost taste it.
    you are so good in the kitchen.
    i am so grateful for you.

  5. I know I risk sounding redundant here, BUT...
    You know how I feel about this cake.
    It had me at hello.

    And...I feel the same about you.
    Miss you Kansas friend!

  6. Dude. Love you. Love Adele. Love cake. I think I have to get back to Kansas soon!

  7. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I can't wait to make it! We have vhs and dvd...... no tivo, not dvr, no netflix even.

  8. Seeing this cake took me back to Craft Weekend. I can still taste it! I think that I must make it for Easter. I must. Have fun this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lindsey

  9. I feel like I didn't get to properly enjoy this chocolate, peanut butter masterpiece because I was so annoyed at my sewing machine. Which means... I need to come back to Kansas. It's settled. MISS YOU x 5000.

  10. oh yum.
    thanks for sharing. I am keen to bake it. like now.

    can i ask what the pasta dish was that you served at craft weekend 4? I have just looked at the wonderful photos on Meg's blog and it looks delish!

    Happy Easter to you and yours from mine here in Australia x

  11. Looks SO yummy!! Is there any better combo than pb and chocolate? I think not.


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