Monday, September 12, 2011

Whatever Craft Weekend {Part One}

This past weekend I helped Meg host Whatever Craft Weekend.
We set up most of Thursday and all day Friday.

Ashley, and our guests, most of whom we'd never met, moved into the craft house Friday evening.
After some initial introductions, cupcakes and dinner (in that order), we got down to the business of crafting. (By the way, I was the cook for the weekend, but I gave up trying to take pictures of the food due to the lighting in the dining room and kitchen. Grrr.)
See that apron Meg is wearing? That was our first project.
The ladies got down to business right away.
Some of them had never sewn, while others were quite comfortable behind a sewing machine.
We crafted into the wee hours of Saturday morning.
We ate the best cheesecake ever.
Meg and I fell into our beds happy.
I couldn't fall asleep, which is unusual for me.
I kept thinking about these incredible women who were becoming such good friends of ours.
I lay there thanking the Lord for each one and thinking about His creativity displayed in each.
Women were created to be awesome.
Can't you see it displayed in each one?
More awesomeness from Craft Weekend tomorrow!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! What fun!

  2. i spy with my little eye, Keri! :) Love her! So glad she was able to go!

    I wish I could have signed up! Hopefully the next one - those aprons are TOO much cuteness! :)

    Looks like you girls had a ruffly great time :)

  3. What fun! I would love a weekend like that. Do they know the projects before they sign-up to come?

  4. somebody must've thought i was ugly! i totally got cut-off (i was the last person next to keri!) :(

  5. I love this post!!
    Best weekend ever.

  6. Great post! Great pics! Amazing weekend!! Kimberlee, you did SO much work. Please know it was greatly appreciated!!! Hope you get to rest now. ;)

  7. What a fantastic weekend.
    You, Kimberlee, are amazing.
    I was sooooo wishing for some
    creme brulee french toast this morning!
    Or chocolate peanut butter pie.
    Or cheesecake.
    Thank you for all that you and Meg did.
    You ladies are amazing.
    See you v-e-r-y soon!!


  8. "Women were created to be awesome" ... I love that! I concur ... I CAN see it in each of you! :)

  9. So fun!!!! I wanted to sign up for the craft weekend, but it was my daughters bday friday & we had a wedding on saturday. Looked like a BLAST! This makes me so excited for Blog Sugar...can't wait to meet you in a few weeks!

  10. this looks glorious.
    every last detail.
    and i bet your food was off the hook.
    miss you.

  11. This is an amazing idea! The picture of all the aprons gave me a lump in my throat. "Making" brings women together in a special way.

  12. Wow - fun fun fun!! You and Megan make a great duo! By the looks of it you both rocked it!

  13. love this all so very much. can we have a mini craft weekend recap breakout session on saturday night of blog sugar? pretty please? no? ok... :(

  14. Oh Kimberly,

    It was the most fun ever!
    I already miss you!!!!!!

    Where do I even begin?
    Thank you so much for a weekend I will never forget. Never.
    Your love was felt in every single thing you guys did.
    the decorations,
    the food,
    the conversation,
    the crafts,
    the singing,
    the driving {especially the backing up part}

    You are a kindred spirit in many ways.
    I'm so glad we met.
    Even though we are miles apart, I hope the friendship we kindled in Kansas continues. I really do.

    Can't wait to see you at Blog Sugar!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.


    Crystal B

    P.S. I will bring your Collage Brooch to Blog Sugar, so come find me!!

  15. Looks like you had a great time.

  16. Looks like a fabulous the aprons!


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