Thursday, September 22, 2011

Right now...

Right now I'm...
watching: 30 Rock reruns in Megan's guest room
eating: Nothing. I'm full. Made this for dinner.
Bruce LOVED it. Thanks, Mel!
drinking: not thirsty. Weird. I'm always thirsty.
wearing: a black hoodie, a long sleeved tee and black yoga pants.
avoiding: washing my face...I'll admit it. 
I sleep with makeup on more than I should.

feeling:  happy to see Julie again and meet some new girlioes.
missing: 1919 Rootbeer...okay now I'm thirsty.
thankful: that I'm back in a relationship with Google Chrome.
Goodbye, Safari. It wasn't me, it was you.
weather: 63 degrees. Perfect autumn like weather.

praying: for safe travels as Megan and I fly to California 
tomorrow for Blog Sugar.
needing: more Bon Jovi in my life
thinking: I hope Bruce remembers that he's the carpool Dad in the morning.

dreaming: of the day when Ella will graduate 
lovingthis country song 

I'd love a peek into your world...right now.


  1. Sitting on the floor.
    Eating a Toblerone. Meant to eat only one piece. It's almost gone.
    Drinking glass of white wine.
    Just sung Nate to sleep.
    Hoping Murphy doesn't bark.
    Brian watching post debate spin room. Half heartily listening.
    Can NOT wait to see you again! I'll get there Saturday afternoon.

  2. Thinking of you as i head to bed. Love knowing these things about you as you came to mind. Will be praying for you both this weekend. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!! Love ya!

  3. Yeah! So glad you liked the dinner. We had it last week. So good. So easy!
    I am watching the Office with my husband,
    eating cookie dough ice cream, editing pictures and BEYOND excited about this weekend!

  4. I got it. No worries. Mid-gauntlet right now.

  5. Drinking coffee.
    Wondering if you are already on the plane.
    Praying you both have a safe and wonderful trip.
    Listening to The Cat in the Hat in my pajamas still.
    Curious what amazing stories you will return with.
    Text me if anything exciting happens!
    And have FUN!

  6. Just ate a "Best bar" for breakfast.
    Getting Alan packed for Men's retreat weekend.
    Wishing I had hugs from grandkids this morning
    Wishing that I didn't have so many thing scheduled while Alan is gone so
    my shopping day isn"t possible.
    Thanking God for the view outside my window.

  7. Slept in makeup--twice in the last week. Glad I'm in good company.

  8. yay! i just posted one. :)

    in short, im enjoying breakfast, beautiful weather, and the book of Ruth.

    have a lovely weekend!

  9. No more going to bed with your makeup on ;)

    I'm jealous that it's 63. It was hot again today. Wah. Miss you!


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