Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The First Day of School...Again.

Talia started preschool yesterday.
When I asked her if I could take some pictures of her she said, "Just like Ella?"
Right, just like we did on Ella's first day of school.
When I offered her a new backpack, she said she wanted to use Ella's old one.
She asked how many more years it would be before she got to go to Ella's school.
"Two more years."
{insert her heavy sigh here}
Yesterday, I was given a glimpse of seeing her wait, dream, and 
plan for the day when she and her big sister would be in the same school. 
Many are the days where I feel like Ella is learning more from her little sister. 
And few are the days when Talia doesn't eagerly embrace the big sister role.
But yesterday was Talia's day to be the little look up to her big sis.
Seeing Talia be the little sister so full of wishing and hoping was an unexpected gift.
I'm not sure if the gift had my name on it, or Talia's, or Bruce's, or Ella's for that matter.
I just know it was a gift that our family could share, and today, I'm thankful to the Sender.


  1. You worded all that just perfectly!! Had a little tear for you!! Happy tear.

  2. Such darling photos. The pink sparkly tennis shoes remind me of Dorothy. :) I'm glad T got to be the little sis today too. Did you shed a tear when you dropped her off? What are you going to do with all that down time? :) I know . . . craft. :)

    Counting the days friend.

  3. so cute! where did you get her shoes? i bet she had a great day.

  4. what an awesome gift. :) I told Landen I was going to take his picture before preschool yesterday just like we did of Nate and he said "why? I don't need to...I can sing my ABC's at home." True, Landen. Very true.

  5. Beautiful sentiments. Precious children. How blessed you are! The Sender loves you!

  6. i love this. being a big sister myself, i never appreciated the little sister awe. :)

    i think it was a gift for more than just your family. i feel like i received a piece of it too just reading this :)

  7. this post got to me, kimberlee.
    pretty much messed me up for a good long while.
    (and messed up my mascara as well)

    and i think you should definitely frame that last pic of you and talia. it's a keeper!

  8. um...yeah....tears.
    so lovely.
    i can hear her voice...."like ella?"

    great pictures!

  9. Oh, Kim. Burlee. She is so beautiful!

  10. Such a great post and great pics - especially love the one of you and Talia together!

  11. I have an eight year old son with Down syndrome and a five year old daughter. I can truly identify with this post! I love those times when Isaac can be the big brother and help Josie with something. Beautifully said.

  12. so sweet. the big sister in our house has the same backpack. we love target.

  13. Beautiful photos -- so much joy! Precious. Simply precious! Thank you for sharing your story! - Naomi

  14. Love this post! So special. Looks like you had a fab craft weekend...can't wait to chat about it!


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