Monday, June 20, 2011

Today's the Day

Today's the day to register for craft weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
I have butterflies... in my stomach.  
Like, totally.
{Valleygirl wannabe.}
I'm so excited to see who is going to come to spend the weekend 
with Meg and Ashley 
...and me. :)
{Insert theme music }
"Which one of these is not like the other one?"
But it doesn't matter because even someone like me...
a very beginner crafter is going to have an awesome time.
And be totally comfortable.
I'm ready to craft, eat, antique, and craft and eat some more!
Click here to register at Noon, CST. 

Edited at 2:44 pm : With a little bit of a hassle with Paypal and some oh so patient peeps...WE SOLD OUT. :)

1 comment:

  1. I just spent most of my daughter's afternoon nap reading your blog. I got sucked in! I love it!
    I can't wait to meet you at the craft weekend!!!


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