Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Donut Love.

I know you've probably been wondering if I went on vacation again.
I haven't.
I've just been playing catch up all week.
You know the stuff: work, weeding through 13 days of mail, filling up the cupboards and fridge so you don't start getting called Old Mother Hubbard by your husband, and so on.

I also celebrated a birthday on Saturday...with donuts.
It was Bruce's peace offering to Ella's 5:30 am wake up call.
Peanut Butter Knot, I love you.
I ate one and was disappointed when Talia finished hers entirely. Shoot.
Eating donuts reminded me of vacation, when we ate donuts at least twice a day.
Oh yes we Britt's Donut Shop.
Breakfast, lunch, naptime or could be donut time whenever you wanted it to be.
You could very nearly miss it except for the fact that you can smell the gloriousness down the boardwalk.
The inside is simple, a lot like their donut.
They sell one kind: glazed.

I know it doesn't look like much...but it's a piping hot, sugary glaze of heaven when you get it.
Krispy Kreme who?

You have to let it cool before you can even touch it.
But then when it's just cool enough to pick it up, you take a bite and it literally takes you into a donut la-la land that you have never known.

You cannot help but raise yours and cheers-ing (not a word) the person closest to you!
And then you take another bite and lick your lips because you can't believe how good it tastes. You think to yourself, "How many times a day can we get away with eating donuts?" And then as if someone can read your mind, you hear that same question being asked. Without skipping a beat, my Dad says, "We're on vacation. We can have donuts as many times a day as we want."  
I love my Dad, and that is what we did.

Britt's is voted the #2 Favorite Independent Small Town Donut Shop in America...who in the world could be number one? 
I'm not sure where it is.
But when I find out, we will be planning a family trip there. 

I hope it's close to a beach. ;) 


  1. Why is it that your posts always make me hungry?
    P.S. I love your new photos for your blog-head (or whatever it's actually called).

  2. Sounds fantastic! Way to go Lee.

  3. I'm fantasizing about donuts right now! You know i'm a lover!!! I also love the new pics at the top. They capture the personalities of both the girlies perfectly!

  4. I have seen so many references today about donuts (between the blogs & Facebook) which is hilarious ... everyone seems to have a sweet tooth that can only be satisfied with one! What are the chances? LOL BTW, love the new 'banner' of your girls -- precious ... I'm glad you & your family had a great vacation :)

  5. dang.
    i am so hungry.
    maybe i will put a robe over my nightgown and head over to druebers. that's not weird right....for a lady to do that at 1:21 AM....alone....for one donut??

  6. love your new header!! I'm craving a warm donut now! Shoot.

  7. I love you too, Kim, more than Britts. Dad


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