Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today is my Dad's 60th birthday. His name is Lee. (That's why I'm Kimberlee. Just in case you ever wondered about the spelling of my name.)
Wasn't he thee cutest thing? 
Those shiny cheeks scream "squeaky clean".
I can just see my Grandma lathering on the vaseline to make them shine.
We are celebrating big time today.
I'll tell you about it soon. :)
In other birthday news...
I loved reading the blog birthday wishes you posted over the weekend.
41 of you gave a comment and added one dollar to Blake and Davis' adoption funds.
I've decided to contribute the full $50 to each fund even though I didn't hit 100 comments. That's the great thing about blogs and get to do what you want!

Happy Wednesday to you.
And Happy Birthday, Dad.
Gotcha last.


  1. Happy birthday to your daddy! Have fun celebrating!

  2. yay!! have fun celebrating. i LOVE birthdays! :)

    I've always loved the spelling of your name, and now to know why its spelled that way is so neat! "lee" is a family name in our fam too. I'm Katy Lee, after my grandpa. That makes me love my middle name so much more! :)

    and yay for your birthday giveaway. that was such a great idea. love it.

  3. happy birthday, lee! hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating!!!!

  4. I see Talia in there somewhere :). Super Cute.


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