Friday, June 24, 2011


Do you remember last week when I told you we were celebrating my dad's 60th birthday in a big way?

We were living it up at the beach...Carolina Beach, North Carolina.
We played all day every day wearing SPF 100 on our faces and SPF 50 on our bods. We're a slightly pale bunch.

This is the first time the girls' toes hit the sand.
And they were in love.
Big time.
There are so few pictures of me at the beach...thankfully this one is far away. 
Distance is a great smoother of things that are not so flat.
We had sand everywhere.

We can't wait to go again.
To Carolina Beach...or any beach.
I think we'd do about anything to have a repeat of this trip.
Everything about it was awesome...except for maybe the day that Talia ran 
103 temp and tested positive for strep throat. 
That was the morning we were scheduled to leave for the beach.
 But Urgent Care and medication are a wonderful, wonderful things.
There will be more vacation stories next week.
Ones that involve donuts, surrey's with a fringe on top, and forests.
Happy Weekend, all!


  1. Looks fantastic! And we will go to any beach any time as well.

  2. Someone bring me a Britt's donut. (Sigh)

  3. I love your photos! You did a great job capturing the beach! Can't wait to see more!!!

  4. So glad you had fun! Can't wait to see more pictures and read more stories about your time with your parents!

  5. Love your girls' swim suits! Where did you get them? BTW, you look great - don't beat yourself up!!!

    Danielle H.

  6. looks like a wonderful week.
    love the beach!!!!
    and your girl's swimsuits too!

  7. Any beach is my FAVORITE place! Loved the picture of the colored chairs.

  8. Awww, the ocean ... one of God's best ideas (2nd only to grandchildren in my opinion! ;) Looks like everyone had fun! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh gosh I would have loved a trip to the ocean.
    Sounds wonderful!

  10. Looks like a blast . . . loved the girls suits, loved your suit ( you were looking good!) and I loved those chairs!!! I see my mom commented on those too. HA! We are beach lovers of any kind too. Can't wait to see more pics! Hope the mammoth drive went well.

  11. ack!! LOVE the new header! LOVE.


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